Alpha Omicron Pi: Stella George Stern Perry

Of the four founders which made Alpha Omicron Pi such a formidable Greek organization to be reckoned with, Stella George Stern Perry continues to stand out as the most notable & the most charismatic.  I mean, she’s right up there in my top 10 Greek founders of all time as well as top 10 Greek role models; she deserves credit where it’s rightfully due & here’s why.

Stella was the first president of Alpha Chapter, AOII’s first National President & was elected as the Fraternity’s Historian for life. Much of what we know about Alpha Omicron Pi in its early years can be traced back to her writings.  Also, she designed the badge & created the Ritual.  Talk about a prolific woman (& was she ever!!).

What made Stella really stand out – & any AOII for that matter – is that she lived out her values.  She lived out her standards.  She showed us that lessons in life can still be learned after graduation.  Stella was about constant devotion to service for the greater good of all. 

Living, leading, learning, serving.  Those four words could best sum up Stella George Stern Perry & why she has always been one of my greatest inspirations/influences.  Stella was – still is, to this very day – the ultimate beacon of integrity, an enduring example of sisterhood in action.  For that, every AOII out there (both undergraduates & alumnae) should give Stella credit for making Alpha Omicron Pi such an awesome organization in that regard.

And who wouldn’t love this closing quote from the woman herself?  “Of all the blessings we count over, it seems to me none is greater than the consciousness of belonging to a family of thousands of sisters.”  Even now, these words from Stella still hold true & heartfelt for over 141,000 women across the United States & Canada.


One thought on “Alpha Omicron Pi: Stella George Stern Perry

  1. Before I found out that you are a Sigma Chi, which I must say are some of the most amazing gentlemen I have met, I thought you were writing this post as an AOII. As an AOII, I have a heartfelt appreciation for your post on Stella because she is such an inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing!

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