Sorority Recruitment: Songs To Sing & Learn

By now, you’re thinking about the songs you’re planning to sing during some of your Sorority Recruitment events this autumn.  And you’ve got plenty of ideas & suggestions to bring up as well:  you feel you can do no wrong singing about your organizations to the tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, the theme from “Friends,” or Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Awesome.  Fair enough. 

While you’re ahead, keep in mind that friendship & sisterhood are always at the forefront of Sorority Recruitment & are always its two key themes.  When you’re composing lyrics to the tune of your favorite songs, see to it that friendship & sisterhood don’t get left out of the picture.  And keep things honest & germane:  Your songs for your Sorority Recruitment skits should stay focused on the big picture called lifelong friendship & true sisterhood, not partying & boys.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt to go through the chapter songbook when necessary to find some inspiration.  (Song leaders all over the place, take note!!) 

Some sisters will be at variance with your selection of songs for Sorority Recruitment so keep things open to suggestion; make sure that these ladies have a say in the matter – they may have some song requests you might want to think about including.  Eventually, the songs you pick for this autumn’s Sorority Recruitment Week are the ones the chapter’s going to learn by heart & sing to the women visiting our chapters – so choose wisely, choose with care & choose with a heartfelt purpose.

Singing has always been an awesome aspect of Sorority life worth bringing up & what better time to deliver the message about our organizations than during Recruitment Week.


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