Sorority Life: The True Meaning Of Sisterhood

It’s tough to explain what a sorority/women’s fraternity truly means to us.  In fact, sisterhood is so many things at once – one of the most heartfelt & beautiful things in the world!!

Sisterhood is being there to encourage one another through good times & when we’re having a bad day/going through tough times.

Sisterhood is a pat on the back, a friendly hug, a cheerful hello.

Sisterhood is about doing the little things to make our sisters smile:  It’s everything that a good & lasting friendship is, but ten times better!!

Sisterhood is knowing that there will always be someone around whom you can talk to or share your stories with, no matter what.

Sisterhood is about sharing dreams & achieving goals together. In addition, it’s aspiring to reach greater heights & exceed expectations together.

Sisterhood is about counting on others & being counted on to make a difference.

Sisterhood is more than the letters which we wear on/around campus – it’s something much greater, something sacred & treasured.

Sisterhood is showing & telling others the good that we do; likewise, it’s showing & telling others the lasting impacts that we’re making for the better for our colleges/universities & communities.

Sisterhood is learning about people.  It’s about learning about life. It’s about learning to give back to our campuses & communities selflessly.

Sisterhood is so many things at once.  Simply said, it’s the ultimate experience of a lifetime – an experience unlike any other!!


4 thoughts on “Sorority Life: The True Meaning Of Sisterhood

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  2. I have to speak to undergrad about sisterhood, I prayed on it thought hard and this came up first in my searing. It true it is meaningful it is me and my sisters and to be shared

  3. Some sororities have become about competition and not sisterhood. Not giving to the community but about your rivalry and who steps better. I have always loved sorority fraternity life but when do embrace what the clubs were designed for get rid of chilishness

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