Sorority Life: The Circle Of Sisterhood Foundation

In the mid 1800s, women in America stood together for the right to go to college; in the process, these bold, daring & courageous women would begin the sorority movement.  Besides being visionaries, pioneers & trailblazers, these amazing women were truly ahead of their time as well.  At a time when education for women was frowned upon – & when women’s societal roles in America were still highly limited in so many ways – the Founders of our Sororities/Fraternities set out to change history once & for all.  160 years later & with over 5 million women leading the way, women in Greek letters vow to continue the legacies of their Sororities’/Fraternities’ Founders by standing together to help girls & women go to school around the world!!

This is where the Circle Of Sisterhood Foundation enters the picture. 

As women who share one common interest – a college education – they know that access to quality education provides better living for women & their families.  For far too many girls & women worldwide, access to quality education is often limited in more ways than one.  Moreover, education is the answer to various global issues related to women such as poverty, oppression, misogyny & brutality.  Eventually, more & more educated girls will make for stronger & healthier villages, communities & entire nations.

Within its first year, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation has done the following:

First of all, COS provided a one year full scholarship to the best boarding school in Zambia.  This Circle of Sisterhood grant provides tuition, a uniform, food & housing to a high performing female student who is enrolled in grades 7-9.  Also, this scholarship is creating an opportunity for this promising young Zambian girl to become educated when poverty would have otherwise forced her to give up her studies.

Second, COS provided a year of school for 38 young girls in the village of Ruhunga (which is in western Tanzania).  In remote villages like Ruhunga, access to education for young girls is extremely difficult – if that’s not enough disheartening news, the drop off rate is extremely high after secondary education due to school fees.  But this COS grant is changing things for the better:  It’s serving as an incentive for 38 girls to pass the national exam so that they can move on to primary education. For each girl who passes the exam, this grant’s blessings are a thousandfold:  it’ll not only cover her school fees but also the cost of her books, school uniform & other important school supplies.

Third, the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation has provided books for blind girls in northern Ethiopia, where the greatest poverty in the world exists.  In the remote tribal area of Mekelle, blind women are required to leave the shelter of a blind school at 18 years of age, making them highly vulnerable to physical & sexual abuse.  A home has been built for young blind women as a safe haven where they can keep learning & teach younger girls how to live with blindness.  This particular COS grant has provided these women 38 volumes of Braille in various subjects such as English, Civics, History & Economics (among others).

One person can make a small difference which means a whole lot.  With the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, the collective efforts of over 5 million women make for life-transforming work for generations of women around the worldwide.  And it goes to show that no matter which Greek letters these women wear on their hearts & sleeves, they are truly making an impact like none other.  And are they ever:  not only is COS about removing the barriers which keep women & girls from getting quality education, but the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation is also uplifting women around the world from poverty & oppression!!


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