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Sorority Life: More Songs For The Singing


It’s one thing our chapters can’t get enough of & one thing among many which makes chapter life so exciting, so amazing & so wonderful at the same time.

In addition, music is what makes our sororities’/fraternities’ worlds go round in more ways than one.  Whether it’s telling fraternities about our latest philanthropic events, whether it’s having fun & good times during sisterhood retreats, whether it’s celebrating the arrival of our new members on Bid Day, or whether it’s serenading/singing our favorite sorority songs to other fraternities, the power of music can’t be underestimated.  Believe me, for every sorority/fraternity who loves singing, music is definitely a beautiful, beautiful thing!!

In whatever context these ladies sing, you can feel the power & emotion they put into each word.  You can discover just how much they love sisterhood & lifelong friendship.  You can discover how proud they are to be Chi Os, A-Phis, AGDs, DZs, so on & so forth.  Whether it’s going into Glee mode during Formal Recruitment, being more down-to-earth during their serenade visits to other fraternities or praising their chapter sweethearts, the power of their songs is packed with meaning & so much significance.

It’s not just because these ladies love music like wow that they love singing – they most certainly do.  They also love to sing to show others how much they love sisterhood & the organizations which they boldly represent.


Alpha Chi Omega: Always Seeking The Heights

The Alpha Chi Omega Toast speaks volumes not solely about one’s love for AXO but also one’s appreciation & honor of an amazing Fraternity as well.  From the opening words on to the last, the Toast’s meaning & message continue to remain powerful, steadfast & are a heartfelt mission statement about love for sisterhood.

“…to thee our song shall rise…”  These words not only are a testimony of Alpha Chis always seeking the heights.  They also serve a testimony to real, strong women whose love for sisterhood & AXO continues to be fervent & strong.  No doubt, the hearts of every Alpha Chi are filled with the thoughts of their Fraternity & everything that Alpha Chi Omega stands for.

We’ll ne’er forget thy standards high and friendship ever true…”  Across generations, these words have lost none of their relevance or significance in meaning.  Never forgetting the ideals, principles & high standards which AXO has stood for since its inception in 1885, each Alpha Chi not only sings but also lives these words in various ways:  academics, philanthropy, leadership & service to others.

As each Alpha Chi toasts to the college/university where she graduated from, she also toasts to the Fraternity which made her the real, strong woman which she has become today.  In addition, she praises Alpha Chi Omega, a Fraternity which is always seeking the heights.

Delta Zeta: Holding It Down Since Miami 1902…

Chris Harris, aka DJ $crilla, as everyone well knows by now, is all about creating timeless music with a heartfelt, positive message, especially for the Greek community.  Whether it’s sending shoutouts to the brothers of SigEp or busting out paeans of sisterhood to the ladies of Delta Zeta, Chi O or AOII (among others), his customized Greek songs never fail to amaze, never cease to wow the listener. 

I already mentioned the “AOII Anthem” (also known as “AOII My AOII”) in an earlier post & how much I dig that song – even now, still do.  Now it’s on to another of my favorite $crilla Greek songs, “Delta Zeta.”

As always, this song has got a catchy beat & you can sing along to it with the windows down. But that’s not the only/primary reason why “Delta Zeta” is one of my favorite custom Greek tunes by DJ $crilla & for that matter who knows how many DZs out there.

Another reason why this track is so awesome in the first place comes down to one of $crilla’s strengths:  not just simple namechecking but putting the homework he learned about DZ into powerful, effective use lyrically. And does he ever!!

Harris keeps it heartfelt & honest when it comes to praising DZ  – when it comes to delivering timeless messages to the Greek community, $crilla definitely shines brightly in showing his love & appreciation for whoever (e.g. SigEp, KD, etc.) like none other around.  On “Delta Zeta,” his mission statement is no different:  it’s a paean to those who have got love for DZ, those who rally round the rose & green, an ultimate ode to show much love to sisterhood – timeless & so true.

When it comes to DZs showing the world what they’re working with – the Sorority’s values & every beautiful word Dorothy Mumford Williams penned as the Delta Zeta Creed several decades ago, $crilla has delivered another upbeat, positive message which you can move & sing along to.  And for who knows how many DZs out there who know the man & his music, that is truly a wonderful & beautiful thing, proof that the Sorority has been “…holding it down since Miami 1902.

& of course, having more fun than most.


Sorority Songs: Listening Up

As a bonafide music lover, I’m pretty much open to any genre out there: reggae, soul, dubstep, jazz, ambient, post-rock, post-punk, jam bands, shoegaze among others.  It should also be said that my listening tastes change from time to time & depending on what vibe I’m in.  (FYI:  I soak up music like a sponge.)

One secret which won’t stay secret about yours truly for long is this:  I also dig sorority songs & cheers.  A lot of duders are going to be up in arms as if to say, “What? You love listening to sorority sisters sing their hearts out?”  Well, this is pretty esoteric music – it won’t get any airplay nor will it make its way into your CD collection anytime soon.  No:  the only time you’ll get to hear these songs in person is on Bid Day, or when these ladies come to your chapters & bring on their cheers of sisterhood & also when you get the honors of becoming their chapter sweetheart (just to name a few select occasions when they’ll weave their love for sisterhood into song).  Otherwise, duders, you’re out of luck.

Just listen to the melodies, the words for once:  there’s nothing rehearsed or prepackaged about the sincerity in these ladies’ voices.  They’re singing from the heart, with all their being – to share their joy of sisterhood with others.  So listen closely.  Listen on up:  their message is purely heartfelt.

Whether they’re proud to be A-O-Cutie-Pis or if they’ve got the love of Delta Zeta deep down in their hearts, one thing is certain:  they truly mean every word they’re singing.  Doubtless, these women are truly making their declarations as AOIIs, DZs, A-Phis, etc. for others to hear.

AOII My AOII: A Song To Sing Along To

But now you got a song so sing along my women.” – the one & only DJ Scrilla from the “AOII Anthem aka AOII My AOII”

DJ $crilla  (aka Chris Harris) has definitely got the midas touch:  turning the most ordinary sounding song into something golden.  He’s written several customized songs for sororities, fraternities & universities as well as his own additional tracks…Is the man awesome or what?

One of my favorite customized songs by DJ $crilla has always been the “AOII Anthem.”  It’s definitely a catchy tune with a catchy beat.  But listen to the words the man is singing:  they’re heartfelt, they’re for real.  It’s cause for celebration already, just listening to this very track.

It’s a song for any & every AOII to sing along to – a paean to the classiest sisterhood around.  It’s a tune for the summertime, springtime, autumn & winter.  It’s a song which undergraduates & alumnae alike will wholeheartedly appreciate.

With the AOII Anthem, we’re hearing $crilla giving these ladies the glory, praise where it’s due – It’s the spirit of sisterhood set to music.  Doubtless, $crilla’s rhyming from his soul, out of the goodness of his heart.  And that’s a beautiful feeling every time we crank up the volume & let “AOII My AOII” fill the air.

Sorority Life: Falling In Love Once More

Every Bid Day I’ve ever went to has been exciting, joyful, a time for celebration after a long week (& the previous few spent simply preparing for Sorority Recruitment).  Like I’ve said before, it’s a perfect day to show your love to whatever sisterhood you’re proud to be representing, lend your support…Basically, it’s an event to show your Greek pride like no other.

And I’ve done all of the above.  But one aspect about Bid Day that has really stood out for me over time has been the sorority songs/cheers being sung on the way up to Lafollette Field.  I’ve always loved music & what better time to hear music you haven’t heard before than on Bid Day.

This music is from the heart: it is the sound of all these sisters rejoicing, letting their enthusiasm be known & letting it resound loud & clear for others to listen to.   The songs & cheers these ladies are singing are majestic, beautiful, odes that reveal their DZ pride, AOII pride, on down the line. These songs & cheers are a vehicle for these sisters to show their love, their excitement as they get ready to welcome some new members into the fold later on.

Only a select few duders get the chance to hear these songs/cheers in their entirety – but once this music finds its way into their hearts & memories the rhythms, the words can’t be forgotten.  It’s an experience unlike any other, hearing these songs & cheers for the very first time & really embracing every word, every melody being sung at full volume.

I can say hearing such highly guarded songs & cheers has remained one of the greatest, most beautiful highlights of Bid Day, ever.  For a music lover like yours truly, it’s like falling in love once more.

It’s one of the most undeniable memories of Bid Day, completely committed to heart & memory.